Thursday, 21 June 2012

Momo Scooter Helmets

# Momo Fighter
The design of this jet model is inspired by the original shape of helicopter helmets. The body of the helmet has hand-crafted finishings and is attached to a heat-formed, anti-scratch bubble visor, reinforced by a carbon fiber panel.
The shell has a special environmentally friendly matt rubberized coating, enhanced by the MOMODESIGN logo.

Momo Essenziale
My Favorite Momo Scooter Helmets

# Momo Essenziale
Helmet with an elegant, minimalist design. Equipped with an anti-scratch visor mounted on a. Guilloche-worked steel frame, attached to a steel panel with a laser-etched logo at the rear of the helmet. The shell has a special environmentally-friendly matt rubberized coating.

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