Thursday, 10 February 2011

Helmet Certification

Currently Snell certification is considered as benchmarks of quality helmets. Snell provides the highest standard for testing helmets. Snell issued a certification for products helmet (all macem helmets, bicycle helmets, helmets go-kart, etc.) that are circulating in the U.S. market. Certification is very specific to a particular brand, a certain type, and a certain size. Some of the brand and type of helmet that is in the list is Snell certified products (which may exist in the Indonesian market only): AGV: 00F3; Arai: Astral-X, Astro-TR, Chaser, Classic-LE2, Classic / c, Condor, Corsair, GP-5X, Omni-J, Quantum-2, RAPIDE-Ov, RAPIDE-SR, RX-7 Corsair, RX-7RC, Signet-II, the SZ-F, SZ-Ram 3, SZ / c, SZ / m, Tour-X, Vcross-3, Viper-GT, VX-3, XD, XDMotard. Bell: Racestar 5, 7R Moto, Moto 7 Moto 8, Moto Jr., SC, SC-X, Sprint. G-Force Racing Gear: Force One / Graphics, GF 650 HJC Corporation: AC-11, AC-11 Carbon, AC-11J, 11J Carbon-AC, AC-11n, AC-12, AC-12 Carbon, AC-3 , AC-X3, ACX3 Carbon, CL-15, CL-31, CL-SP, CL-X5, CS-5, FG-12, Carbon Force, FXRG, HQ-1, Intake. Shoei Co.., Ltd..: J-Wing, PLATINUM-R (only for size L), RF-1000, TZ-R, V-MOTO, VFX-DT, X-9, X-Eleven, XR-1000.

DOT (Department of Transportation) U.S.
Actually, DOT does not issue a List of Approved Product. But the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association, a part of DOT) has a list of standard test results FVMSS 218 (DOT standards for helmets) for each Fiscal Year. Brand which passes the test DOT DOT reserves the right to include a small sticker on the product. U.S. DOT himself acknowledged many counterfeit DOT stickers (it's in the U.S., especially in Indonesia).

For checking what our helmets real pacifier what not, the easiest is to check labelingnya. Helmets DOT graduates should have:
(1) Name of plant / her identification.
(2) Model
(3) Size
(4) Year and month pembuatan.Bisa dg full MMMM YYYY format (eg June 1990), or the number M / YY (eg 6 / 90)
(5) The symbol / sticker / DOT writing. This symbol should be visible on the outside of the helmet, dg dg contrasting color background. At least 1 cm high letters written horizontally 2.9 cm minimum, and maximum 3.5 cm from the edge of the helmet.
(6) Instructions for the buyer, whose writing (I quote the original):
(A) "Shell and liner constructed of (identify type (s) of materials)"
(B) "Helmet cans be Seriously Damaged by Some common substances without damage being visible to the user. Apply only the Following: (Recommended cleaning agents, paints, adhesives, etc., as Appropriate)"
(C) "Make no modifications. Fasten helmet securely. If helmet experiences a severe blow, return it to the manufacturer for inspection, or destroy it and replace it."
(D) Any additional relevant safety information Should Be supplied at the time of purchase by means of an attached tag, brochure, or other Suitable means. So, if his helmet cuman ditulisin embel2 DOT without any others, may mean the baby DOT hehehe. If you want to buy helmets DOT must bring a ruler tuch, create ngukur writings.

E2205 or European Standard ECE 22-05
All helmets sold in the UK have to pass this certification, or the old standard BS 6658. ECE 22-05 helmets tested by BSI (British Standard Institute). BSI 6658 and ECE 22-05 including the highest standards, can be equated with the Snell M-2000, and is considered higher than the DOT standards and European standards CE other older. Sticker ECE 22-05 usually in the back of the helmet, including the identity of the batch number.

SNI (Indonesian National Standard)
No comment.
In areas of Kalimantan, Helmets Existing Standards = StickerSNI

There is a shop in Jakarta that offer Helmets cave that he said the European standard EN-3. He's lying, EN-3 standard is the standard european for Fire Extinguisher (fire extinguisher). There is on-line store (in Indonesia)which sells helmet brand INK ,said certified by Snell and DOT ,( soldfor Rp .315 000 ,- ). It also bo'ong. There is no brand in the list issued INK Snell (as of March 1, 2006) (sorry for the fanatic INK). Just to make guidance aja, he wore a helmet also need merhatiin age helmet. Snell helmet recommended age 5 years've got to change, why the material might already reduced its strength. I guess it's also what makes DOT requested date of manufacturenya dicantumin, so caught when bikinnya. So, be careful if buying a helmet discount older models, maybe she's already not as strong as the new helmet contrived. Do not cave so rich friends boast of his Arai helmet that already more than 10 years old.