Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tips For Selecting The Appropriate Size Helmet

Choose helmet head size can not be perfunctory, incoming head of origin, size is considered to be fit, according to the user's head.

Here are the things that need to be considered in choosing a helmet:
1. The inside of the side of the helmet should be felt pressing cheek, feels a bit tight, but still within the limits of user comfort.
2. Shakes his head to the right and left, helmet must still follow. Few there is a disturbing movement, most likely the size of the helmet has not sip or greatness.
3. View of the future try to stay focused when helmet use. Not bothered either by the shape of a helmet, and pressure that exist pat on the head. Hold for about 30 seconds. If temples ached, then the helmet is less fit
4. Push the helmet to the top, if very easy to remove and can be tilted beyond 45 degrees, the helmet is too loose. If only flew when used, must have protective head will be loose.