Friday, 28 January 2011

Tips to Choose Helmet

1) Choose a helmet that has DOT sticker label, which means they meet Safety Helmet Standard Test conducted by an official institution for testing helmets.
2) Do not use HELMET "cetok" because a helmet like this would not be able to protect the head during an accident.
3) Choose the glass protective helmet that can protect the eyes as well as to provide flexibility in sight.
4) Choose a helmet that has a transparent protective glass (not black), because it is very dangerous when used at night.
5) Choose a helmet that fit the size of the head and comfortable to wear.
6) Do not use a helmet that never knock, because the helmet does not have optimal protection.
7) The period of time of use HELMET is 3 years from the issued by the factory, to avoid the term expires at the time issued by the factory and sold in stores use the helmet for 2 years.

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